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VDC BIM & Br.IM Architectural Rendering
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Virtual Design & Construction

Our VDC focus on 3D visualization by knowing and using the files involved in VDC can speed up the entire visualization process. And our projects lead to visualize for the present scenario to look into a pre-built of the future design. Using project scheduling files, help us accurately to create a construction phasing animation.

"Virtually in every industry with connecting all the knowledge centers on the planet together into a single global network".

  • BIM models are great for visualization because they are typically fully or nearly fully modeled and almost ready for rendering. Sometimes BIM models even have texturing and lighting done in the modeling stage. We predict future and focus on the value that it can bring to the project.
  • We use the state of the art and revolutionary software applications allowing us to save time, money, high quality and accuracy projects by using most advanced & future of infrastructural world with VDC technology.
  • We will move more into the realm of Virtual Reality to show our clients what the project will look like by showcasing the futuristic view.
  • Our team of engineers looks into the value engineering aspects as well.