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Bridge Drafting

NaRDil’s CAD team is well experienced in preparing design-build proposal drawings, preliminary engineering drawings, and final detailed design drawings for DOT’s standards or to other local agency’s CAD standard. Further, NaRDil has extensive experienced CAD technicians to develop Bridge Information Modeling (Br.IM) to develop 3D models to the whole bridge or part of the bridge.

"Our work is supported by a strong culture of quality that emphasizes the importance of individual commitment to the success of our clients".

  • NaRDil’s CAD technicians will work with your engineering teams to develop plan sets for large road and bridge projects across the United States. We will work with your project teams to prepare engineering drawings.
  • Our CAD technicians and engineers will perform basic geometric and trigonometric calculations required for preparation of drawings. NaRDil will utilize practical knowledge of design standards or procedures towards the preparation of structural or bridge-related engineering drawings. We will coordinate and communicate with engineers and other designers to understand objectives and preferred methods.
  • NaRDil’s endowed registered professional engineers and registered structural engineers not only to check your drawings but also to look at value engineering options.
  • NaRDil offers the below listed drawings,
    Design-Build Proposed Drawings, Preliminary Engineering Drawings, Final Detailed Design Drawings

Bridge Drafting Projects